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Programming manual (

Tag reference

Tags in ioL embody concepts of functions, objects and classes, within the context of a markup environment.

With the right combination of tags, you can do some serious stuff.

About the examples

The examples shown in the reference section of this site show the ioL markup code that you would print from your program in order to achieve a certain result. They do not show exactly how you would incorporate this into a larger program — the exact instructions you would use to print output or read back input from ioL would depend on which programming language you are writing your larger program in.

Testing the examples

If you only want to practice writing ioL markup before you incorporate it into a larger program, or you want to play with copying and and pasting the examples into an ioL console session in real time, you can use the iol - command from the Linux command line, to start an interactive ioL console in standard io mode, where you will be able to enter ioL markup code one line at a time and see it marked up dynamically on the screen.